Orange Bath Salts Recipe

Relaxing Orange Bath Salts Recipe

When I was first about to make orange bath salts, I researched whether it is possible that minerals from the salt, such as magnesium, can be absorbed into the skin while taking a bath. Unfortunately,…

Hemp Body Butter Recipe

Whipped Hemp Body Butter Recipe

Hemp body butter recipe, as any other whipped body butter recipe, combines oil and butter(s). Body butters can be made with solid or liquid oils and with soft or firm butters. Body butter will melt…

Natural Preservatives for Cosmetics

All About Natural Preservatives for Cosmetics

More and more people are aware of the dangers of parabens, and no longer want them in their cosmetics, which is understandable. Parabens absorb through the skin and can affect the estrogen receptor. They accelerate…

diy hemp lip balm

Homemade Moisturizing Hemp Lip Balm

As some people don’t like peppermint lip balm because of its cooling properties (I love it), I instead started gifting this homemade hemp lip balm that is also a great solution for dry and cracked lips.…

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